Adorable Paws

Dog Nail Grinder - Quiet Rechargable Cordless Pet Nail Trimmer, Safe

$45.95 USD $89.95 USD

Stress Free Nail Grooming

As a pet owner you know how stressful it can sometimes be clipping your pets nails - your pet gets terrified, they won't sit still and you're worried about hurting them.

Over 90% of pet owners injure their pet trying to use regular dog nail clippers. And a monthly trip to the pet groomers gets expensive real quick.

Our Adorable Paws Electric Nail Grinder the pressure out of trimming nails - trim your dogs nails with ease, and give your pet a super comfortable grooming experience in your own home! No more stress. No more worry.

Ultra quiet, low vibration

With just a light hum, your pet won't even know that you're operating a nail trimmer. The superior motor produces a whisper-quiet operation and ultra-low vibrations - helping keep your pet calm, meaning you can trim their nails faster.

Rechargable and portable

The cordless design and built-in battery means its ready to use anywhere. When fully charged the Adorable Paws Electric Nail Grinder lasts 4 hours. Recharge using any USB outlet - from your wall adapter, laptop, PC or even a power bank. The indicator light shows you when its charging.

Ergonomic Design

Easy to Clean

Suitable for All Pets



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