Adorable Paws

Slow Dog Feeding Bowl, Reduces Overeating & Bloating

$23.95 USD

Up-to 10x Slower

Help your furry friend eat at a fun and healthy pace - multiple ridges and valleys help to slow feeding times for a healthier meal. The Adorable Paws Slow Feeding Bowl promotes fun, healthy eating and improve digestion.

Dogs and Parents Love It!

  • Slows down eating to a healthy pace
  • Helps prevent bloating and indigestion
  • Makes it a fun experience for your pup!
  • Non-toxic and safe


  • Holds up-to 4.5 cups (1.1 liters) of food
  • Size: 7.2" / 18.5cm diameter, 1.7" / 4.5cm high
  • Non-slip base
  • Dishwasher safe

Vet Recommended

Multiple ridges and valleys help your pet to eat at a slower, healthier pace.

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